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This site outlines the various guidelines for submission of ebooks, which will be featured on the main site, Only historical works of fiction (pre 20th century) will be accepted for submission.

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I began this site to share my love for historical ebooks. I want to offer this as a free service where authors can feel free to submit their ebooks to be reviewed, as outlined in the Submission Guidelines

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This outlines the submission guidelines in respect of ebooks submitted for review.

1. All works must be works of fiction and the basic theme must be historical in nature (main events / characters should belong to pre-20th century at a minimum)

2. The ebooks submitted should be of certain length - not below 15K words (use MS Word for estimating this) and not above 100K words, as ebooks tend to become really long and these works are better suited for the print media. Books exceeding this may also be submitted and if you have your works available only in printed form, please contact the reviewers directly, depending on which time period your work is set in.
Contact information is available on their sites (Links to reviewers' sites)

3. Stories set in ancient Rome or Greece or in the Victorian Era will receive first preference, at the request of the current reviewers. However, other works will be considered and moved up in the queue if no such works are available.

4. The stories should be well written, with a sense of direction, plot and should sustain interest. The stories can include erotic or even explicit content, provided it is in line with the story / characters and does not dominate it. {Extreme content will not be reviewed - excessive cruelty, violence, perverse acts, etc. etc. unless it's referred to in passing and is portrayed in a negative light when briefly described}

5. In your emails to, don't send the entire manuscript (either in Word, PDF or RTF), unless this has been specifically requested or it will be deleted unread.

6. Emails requesting a review should contain the title, genre, word count and a brief synopsis (not exceeding 200 words). Sample pages (not more than 20 pages) should also be submitted, which could be from anywhere in the manuscript in order to review the writing.

7. Authors submitting works for review can be published or unpublished. You can include a brief bio, with links to your author site, if you have one. (200 words max)

8. Reviews will be accompanied by information on where the ebook is currently available for sale or a link to the author's web site. Once the review is published, you can freely quote it in entirety or portions of it. However, you cannot change or embellish any review and this should be published "as is"

9. Reviews will be featured prominently for a whole week with links to the author's web site or other site where the book can be purchased.

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